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LSU  Stadium  Events 


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Baton Rouge Area Hotels Only!

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Please Read!
We will not be held accountable for heavy traffic delays.  LSU doesn't allow anyone to drop off in front of the stadium.  We drop you off behind the PMAC, the closest location possible with a 10 minute walk, without police detours.   The area is isolated, a residential area with student dorms, and not a lot of sides streets to detour on. We drop off in a restricted area that requires a parking pass, so there is no rest rooms or covering from rain or wind in this area behind LSU assembly center, just a parking lot.  In fact LSU does not have any covered areas to protect you from rain or wind on campus, you would experience the same thing if you were to drive and park without a parking pass with miles to walk.  So make sure you dress for the weather conditions.   

Our tier schedule depend heavily on the Police Dept "after game exit strategy" for quick & effective traffic removal from that location.  If they fail to remove traffic quickly and effectively with directing traffic, detours, road blocks, controlled light, that would delay our tier schedule a little, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about that, nor would we be held responsible for the tier delays.

Whether you drive or be shuttled everyone experience the same thing, shuttles, buses, taxis, your vehicle, etc.  There is no quick fix to LSU after event traffic with over 100,000 people on campus.  We can meet our tier schedule the 99% of the time.  We just want to inform you so you can make a good decision based upon what is good for you and your family.  No one is ever left stranded, but you might be a little delayed in your after event pick up time.

LSU Game Reservation Only


We Only Service Baton Rouge Area Hotels 

All Fields Must Be Completed To Submit Form 

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They are not to be duplicated, replicated, nor copied as many clients have only given us permission to
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"Don't Drink, Tailgate & Drive"
 Ride With Us,
And Have Fun! 

Transportation Fee: ​

Per Person Rate  (PP)
      $30.00 Round-Trip    

$15:00 One-Way

​​Perfect For 1st Time Visitors & Couples:
With over 125,000 people on campus let us make it easy for you, and take the hassle out of driving!

No looking for parking or need a parking pass.

No walking miles to and from the stadium.

No getting lost due to police detours / road blocks.

No driving in heavy traffic with 30 min to 45 min delays.

Flat rates, no matter how bad the traffic is.

We are now accepting Game Day Shuttle Reservations for "2016 LSU Home Games. You may reserve your seat for the home game of your choice.  
​No credit card require for game reservations. 
We only ask that if you need to cancel just give us a call.

Baton Rouge Hotels Only:  

We will be only servicing certain hotels this year for 2016 LSU Football Games. These certain hotels are located from Acadian Thruway, Corporate Blvd, Essen Lane, Bluebonnet Blvd, Siegen Lane.  For any other hotels or special accommodations please contact us by phone or email us to see if we can accommodate you.  We do not provide game day shuttle to and from New Orleans on game day. 

10 Minute Walk From - Drop Off & Pick Up Locations:
We pick up and drop off at the corner of W. Chimes St. and Alaska St. behind the PMAC center and the tennis court.  The distance is estimated at a 10 minute walk.  It is the closest we can get our client to the stadium with the road blocks and detours due to heavy traffic. 

Online Reservations:   

Accepted On Game Day Saturday Until 10:00A

Reservations are accepted up to 10:00A on game day Saturday.  Complete the form at the bottom of this page and you will receive email confirmation for your reservation shortly.  Please check your spam box if you don't receive it in your inbox.    

Phone Reservations:  

Accepted On Game Day Saturday Until 9:00A   

Phone reservations will only be accepted on game day at 9:00A. 

Please call for availability if you didn't reserve transportation in advance. Please know what time slot and after game pick up time that you would like, as our dispatch department is trying quickly to answer all calls.  

What To Expect:  Heavy, Heavy, Traffic Delays!

Traffic - We can't stress enough about heavy traffic delays.  We will not be held responsible for heavy traffic delays before and after the game.  When booking reservations please consider traffic time with heavy delays from 45 min to 1 hr or more as it get closer to event time.

Vehicle - We use nice, very clean, air conditioning  up-to-date models, passenger vans for LSU Events.  Professional drivers, friendly environment, and suitable for the young ones.


Transportation Schedule:  TBA

You may submit your reservation now and email us back during the week of the game to schedule your pick-up time.  Seats are limited.

All schedules have a 30-45 minute window due to heavy traffic. Please make sure you are ready within that time frame.


9:00a-9:30a, 9:30a-10:00a, 10:00a-10:30a, 10:30a-11:00a, 11:00a-11:30a, 11:30a-12:00p, 12:00p-12:30p,  12:30p-1:00p,  1:00p-1:30p,  1:30p-2:00p,  2:00p-2:30p,  2:30p-3:00p,  3:00p-3:30p,  3:30p-4:00p,  4:00p-4:30p,  4:30p-5:00p,  5:00p-5:30p,  5:30p-6:00p,  6:00p-6:30p, 6:30p-7:00p

Returning to your hotel:
Tier 1.  - 30 min immediately after the event.

No time to waste, immediately after the event, at the drop off point!  

Timing is critical to meet our other time schedules; if not there when

vehicles leaves out you will be last on Tier 2

Tier 2. - 1 hr /20 min after the game.  

Not Available For Alabama and Florida Due To Heavy Traffic

This schedule is based upon the time it takes to go drop Tier 1 off and come back.  Take your time leaving the stadium, and maybe visit the tiger store or Mike the Tiger!  So you can take your time getting out of the stadium and to the pick-up point.

Tier 3. - Half- Time / Early Leave   
You can request an early leave.

Tier 4. - 2 hr / 30-45 min  after game @ Buffalo Wild Wings

Due to overwhelming response we open another tier.  We will pick up at 3260 Highland Rd Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot to allow people to go eat and drink until we get back from dropping off Tier 1

Due to previous experience with SEC Game Traffic, after game traffic is horrific and there is no easy fix or solution for heavy game traffic.  We will only do Tier 1, 3, 4 with limited spaces.

Making Reservations:

1. We only pick-up per reservations only.

2. First Come / First Serve - Only A Reservation Guarantees Transportation.

3. Driver will call to let you know they are on the way.  

Please provide phone numbers to contact you for pick-up to the stadium.

Please be outside waiting after driver call, we can only allow you 5 minutes.  

Please be considerate for our other passengers in the van waiting as well.

If not ready, we will leave, and you can reschedule your reservation for a later time.  We don't want to keep others waiting.  With heavy traffic our timing is of essence.

We will only drop off behind the PMAC at the corner of Alaska St & West Chimes.  Walk around the PMAC and cross over to the stadium.  Due to the volumes of reservations no other destinations are allowed!

​When making your reservation choose a pick-up time and a drop-off time for returning to your hotel unless you are requesting a one-way transport.